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Transaction Security

1) If you choose to complete a purchase via online payment with a credit card, your transaction will be encrypted and processed on our credit card processor's secure server. None of your financial information (credit card number, expiry date, CVV) is ever disclosed to us or stored on our site - all we see is your completed order, i.e. your delivery address, order total, and of course which books you have ordered.

2) If you choose to order books by mail, via payment by check or Money Order (only from within North America, and MOs from the USA MUST be "international" MOs), your order naturally must pass through the mails system, where we cannot guarantee the security of your envelope. We recommend that you use a security envelope (pattern printed on the inside) to reduce the visibility of the envelope's contents. Registered mail provides additional security. NEVER SEND CASH THROUGH THE MAIL!!! ORDERING IN THIS WAY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

3) If you choose to place an order by mail, for payment with a credit card, the same cautions as for point 2) apply here as well. We strongly recommend placing credit card orders online via our processor's secure server - however, if you wish to place a credit card order by mail, you will have to send us your credit card number, type, and CVV (3- or 4-digit card verification number, printed on the back of your card) as well as the usual order details (your billing and shipping address and the title/s of the book/s you would like to order), and passing these details through the mail may entail some risk over which we have no control.

4) Ordering by credit card via eMail is NOT recommended, as it is not secure!!! Since many of our customers have inquired about the option of ordering this way, the best we can suggest is that you should split your credit card information between two or more separate eMails to make it harder to intercept the complete set of data. HOWEVER, ORDERING IN THIS WAY IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

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